Welcome To Moni Ninja

Hi! My name is Melo (Italian heritage), or better known as Moni Ninja (ˈmʌni  ˈnɪn.dʒə). Welcome to my blog on personal finance!

Why I created this website (and what’s in it for you)

Without having a finance background, I started my journey in personal finance the hard way: experimenting (i.e. making mistakes), reading as much as possible and trying to make a sense of all the improvised Internet “Financial Gurus”. I learned that it is easy to get fooled or confused, but it is also easy to build wealth! What it takes is only a bit of financial awareness and that’s what this website is about.

In this blog I write about personal finance and related news, so that everybody can get the right toolbox and knowledge to reach financial freedom, save for retirement, or simply buy the car you always wanted.

Quick background

My dad, like his mother, always had a natural predisposition for writing: he can write pages and pages with an extremely articulated and refined language. As soon as I started school, I knew that that gift was definitely passed on my sister and not to me. I was always bad in writing. Being raised in a time without internet, the last day of every vacation was spent in agony trying to write something less boring than “Greetings from [pick_a_country]” in every postcard I sent to relatives and friends.

If there is one thing that I’ve always loved to do though was reading and distilling information. I loved to learn how things worked and for every test I took at school, I would go over all the study material and create nice summaries with charts. The process was quite exciting for me (can you be excited about organizing?!) because it helped me to understand (and remember) better but also gave me a way to quickly refresh my knowledge before the test.

Although I did study basic economics at school, my passion for personal finance is fairly recent. In fact, in 2010 I had no idea of what it meant to invest in shares and the only news I was following were sport and technology.

In 2011 I moved out of my parent’s house, facing the reality of what it means to find a job, a roof under your head and paying my bills in a foreign country. Luckily for me, the job I had was paying enough to have some savings at the end of the month, so I started to investigate what to do with those savings and…Bam! Revelation! I can do something smarter than spending them all in beers or putting them in a bank account, with inflation eating them year by year: my inner Moni Ninja spirit was awaken.  

Are you a broker, hedge fund manager, etc.?

No. But every day, I spend a great part of my day reading about financial and business news. I also attend events and have good friends who share my passion. Every article I write is my personal opinion and takes inspiration by the gazillion information I read every day.

Money doesn’t bring happiness, but try living without it

Some people say that they don’t know how to manage or invest money because it’s too complicated and boring. I disagree with that, in fact I wasn’t always fascinated by money. Thanks to loving parents, I was always provided with everything I needed. It was after I started to live on my own, and had to provide for everything, that my fascination really began. I had to learn how to budget, save money and how to make sure that those savings didn’t get wasted but used to build my wealth. I now consider myself an aware investor and I keep learning every day so that my family can have a decent life.

Will you get rich overnight?

No. In fact, it may take you some time to reach financial independence, but it doesn’t mean you can’t live life to the fullest along the way (even on a budget). Most importantly, you can start right now!

Join me in my journey and awaken your moni ninja spirit!

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

– Benjamin Franklin

Melo, Jonin Moni Ninja Auditor

P.S. Some of my other driving forces in life are food (mostly Italian), sports and technology.